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    2020-12-14 17:42:40

    产品说明 Product description

    高温氢氟斯针刺毡虽具有良好的耐热、阻燃、气体过滤阻力小、除尘效率高等优点,但高炉煤气中的粉尘浓度达到一定温度 ( 即 爆炸极限 ) 时,则极易导致爆炸和火灾。在袋式余尘领城中,这些粉尘和烟气要用滤带来承受,故布袋在生产时加入不锈钢纤维 或导电纤维,使产品具有导电性能,所以该产品是用在高炉烟气浓度和粉尘浓度较大场所的必然选择产品。

    High temperature hydrogen fluoride, needle felt, although t has good heat resistant, fire -retardant small gas filtration resistance, high dust removal efficiency, but in the blast furnace gas dust concentration reached certain temperature(explosion limit), extremely easy to cause explosion and fire.In the field of bag type dust, the dust and smoke to filter brought to bear on. Therefore, the bag in the production of join stainless steel fiber o conductive fiber, enables the product to have the conductive performance so the products used in blast furnace flue gas concentration and dust concentration larger place inevitable choice of products.

    技术参数 Technical parameter

        名 称 Name

        高温氢氟斯针刺毡 Normal temperature hydrogen fluoride Si needle felt

        材质 Raw material

        NoMEX P84,PPS,PTFE, 玻纤 / 玻纤基布  NoMEX,P84,PPS,PTFE,glass fiber/glass fiber fabric

        克重 Weight    >850g/㎡
        透气性 Air permeability    80- 100L/㎡ ·s@200Pa
        径向拉力 Radial pull    1200N/5x20cm
        纬向拉力 Weft Tensile Strength    1200N/5x20cm
        使用温度 Use temperature    220-240° C,瞬间 300° C Instant 300°C
        耐酸性 Acid resistance    良 Good
        耐碱性 Alkali resistance

        良 Good

        过滤风速 Filtration velocity    0.8-1.2m/min
        过滤效率 Filtration efficiency


        后处理方式 Post processing method    PTEE 浸渍,覆膜,涂层以及化学处理 PTEE impregnated,coated,coated,Chemical treatment




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