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    2021-03-24 16:11:59

    产品说明 Product description


    Usually industrial dust concentration reaches a certain level (that is, the explosion limit), such as the case of electrostatic discharge sparks or other factors such as the ignition point, it is very easy to cause explosion and fire. Such as: flour dust, chemical dust, dust, etc.. In case of electrostatic discharge, there is an explosion. In the field of bag type dust, such as with the bag to collect the dust, it is required to manufacture the bag itself with anti- static function, production of anti electrostatic filter in addition to have the production of ordinary needle felt process, also called incorporated into conductive fiber yarn in the fabric warp yarn production needle felt.

    技术参数 Technical parameter

        名 称 Name

        防静电涤纶针刺毡 Anti static polyester needle felt

        材质 Raw material

        涤纶纤维 / 涤纶导电基布 Polyester fiber / polyester conductive fabric

        克重 Weight    450 - 600g/㎡
        透气性 Air permeability    200 - 300L/㎡ ·s@200Pa
        径向拉力 Radial pull    800 - 1200N/5x20cm
        纬向拉力 Weft Tensile Strength    1000 - 1600N/5x20cm
        径向伸长 Radial elongation    <35%
        纬向伸长 Weft elongation    <55%
        电阻表面 Resistance Surface     4.8
        YX10 体积 YX1O Volume    8.7
        摩擦电位 Z 大值 Frictional potential Maximum value


        V 平均值 V Mean value    183
        面电核密度 me/㎡    3.4
        使用温度 Use temperature    ≤ 130° C
        过滤风速 Filtration velocity    1.0-1.2m/min
        后处理方式 Post processing method    烧毛、压光、热定型 Singeing, calendering,heat setting



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